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The automotive industry is particularly frequently confronted with product counterfeiting and grey market trade. Especially in the after-market in connection with spare and wear parts as well as equipment and repairs, manufacturers and suppliers repeatedly struggle with counterfeits of their original parts. The challenge? Seen from the outside, the counterfeit products can hardly be distinguished from the original, and in the appropriate packaging, the plagiarism is then sold over the counter as an expensive original. What is annoying for the manufacturer of the original interior parts can be life-threatening for the consumer in the case of safety-relevant components.

Product safety

To make sure your car brakes when it counts 

…Tailorlux offers inseparable material identification of the products so that all parts can already be identified and sorted out if necessary during production or repair.

The automotive sector stands for the highest quality standards in the development of vehicle components. As a result of many years of material research for the selection of the right material, components were created that protect the vehicle’s occupants at the decisive moment even after the toughest stress requirements. Automobile manufacturers therefore make great efforts to safeguard OEM quality against counterfeits from the grey market. Unfortunately, this has so far only been achieved with moderate success, as the annual loss of several billion euros due to the sale of counterfeit products shows.

With its inseparable marking in the material, Tailorlux offers a way to permanently anchor the manufacturer’s signature in the product. Whether via adhesives, masterbatches or surface treatments, the hidden marking can be integrated flexibly and process-neutrally into all existing processes and verified 100% during ongoing production. What is special about our marking solution for the automotive sector? The innovative product protection can be read into complex production and quality assurance processes through machine readability.

Safety goes beyond protecting the manufacturer from economic damage and also concerns the end customer – especially when it comes to important parts such as gearboxes, brakes or airbags. With our product marking, you consequently focus on quality and reliability and at the same time avoid damages, warranty cases and violations of the law that can actually be traced back to the counterfeits – and this regardless of whether the product is originally packaged, burnt or presented after 200,000 kilometres of mileage.

Germany’s largest automotive supplier relies on invisible product marking from Tailorlux

Since 2018, commercial vehicles throughout Europe have been driving with the concealed marking solution from Tailorlux. In particular, a glass-fibre reinforced injection-moulded part with high safety relevance and clear legal requirements for the commercial vehicle market is marked in a process-neutral and concealed manner. Due to the official requirements, this project, and thus also Tailorlux’s technology, was audited by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and classified as secure. An independent legal opinion had already concluded that the Tailorlux technology provides evidence of the authenticity of a component that can be used in court.

Tailorlux sets new standards in digital supply chains and manages to get everywhere with its marking.
So that safety and traceability determine each fiber in a sustainable and transparent way.

At Tailorlux, we offer you a contemporary traceability solution that documents every step from raw material to finished product at the point of sale. Tailorlux technology thus offers you a:

Indestructible marking

Our marking is introduced at the beginning during ginning and is now inseparably bonded to the fibers. And it is completely non-toxic and chemically inert.

Perfected traceability

Our sensor technology is used to read the individual and tamper-proof marking.

Real-time monitoring

Each measurement/verification goes directly to the cloud.

Deep insight into your supply chain

Data is collected and processed by an AI.

Full transparency

Each fiber knows its origin, so that the genuineness of the products can be ensured and guaranteed.

Experience the advantages of the invisible fingerprint yourself.

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