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Glass is a particular challenge for the optical fingerprint. However, Tailorlux can create markings that remain stable up to 1,700° Celsius. This creates the possibility to mark glass or porcelain with ceramic paint.

Product protection

So that your flacon contains the noble fragrance that it promises…

…Tailorlux marks your glass with ceramic paint and protects it from counterfeiting

Flacons are the packaging for a great brand appearance. Precious fragrances in sweeping glass and noble design are meant to put the brand in the right light. This eye-catcher plays into the hands of product counterfeiters who fill cheap copies and bring them to market. Our client wanted to stop these fakes and commissioned Tailorlux to create a product protector in ceramic paint that is fired onto the glass. This paint was enriched and stabilised at Tailorlux and brought to the suppliers in exactly the quantity that was in line with the order. No chance for pirated containers for fine fragrances.

Inline verification

So that the protection of your active ingredients begins with the primary packaging…

…Tailorlux integrates a color imprint that can be detected directly in the process by inline verification.

A pharmaceutical customer wants to protect ampoules with high-quality active ingredients directly on the primary packaging. The colour print is only marginal and the process is extremely fast. No problem for the optical fingerprint and inline verification from Tailorlux. Even at filling speeds of 600 ampoules per minute, the marking is detected and thus contributes to 100% control in production, filling and in the field.

Tailorlux is your partner

Whether it’s a fine fragrance, high-end medicine or artistic porcelain. With the Tailor-Safe solution for ceramic paint, glass and ceramic products can be equipped with the optical fingerprint – process neutrally and over the entire product life cycle. Contact us for an initial trial!

Tailorlux sets new standards in digital supply chains and manages to get everywhere with its marking. So that safety and traceability determine each fiber in a sustainable and transparent way.

At Tailorlux, we offer you a contemporary traceability solution that documents every step from raw material to finished product at the point of sale. Tailorlux technology thus offers you a:

Indestructible marking

Our marking is introduced at the beginning during ginning and is now inseparably bonded to the fibers. And it is completely non-toxic and chemically inert.

Perfected traceability

Our sensor technology is used to read the individual and tamper-proof marking.

Real-time monitoring

Each measurement/verification goes directly to the cloud.

Deep insight into your supply chain

Data is collected and processed by an AI.

Full transparency

Each fiber knows its origin, so that the genuineness of the products can be ensured and guaranteed..

Experience the advantages of the invisible fingerprint yourself.

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