Tailorlux is focused on ensuring the authenticity of materials and products for you. Criminal energy puts jobs, sales and sustainability promises at risk time and time again. Tailorlux gives you security.

Our goal is to counteract these threats through clarity, traceability and transparency by making raw materials, fabrics and products uniquely recognisable.

In this way, Tailorlux, as a provider of security markings, contributes to safeguarding product quality and brand promises. At the same time, the coherent digitalisation of sensor technology also realises more process control and transparency in the supply chain.

About us

Tailorlux brings a multidisciplinary team of scientists together, most of them from the fields of inorganic chemistry, materials science and optics. In this way, we realise high-end solutions for you that take product safety and traceability to a new level.

Foto: Tobias Herzog - Managing Director

Tobias Herzog
Managing Director

E-Mail info@tailorlux.com

Tel. +49 2534 644 44-0

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    Our History

    In 2009, the company Tailorlux was founded as a spin-off from Münster University of Applied Sciences. The in-depth knowledge of luminescent materials formed the basis for the development of intelligent product protection solutions using tailor-made light emissions. With this insight into the potential of luminescent materials in product protection, the journey towards a new type of sensor family began.

    In 2016, an independent legal opinion confirmed that Tailorlux technology can be used to identify materials and prove authenticity in legal proceedings under German law. More complex and larger projects led to a strategic reorientation from a provider of “smart materials” to a specialist for “integrity solutions”.

    In constant evolution since 2009, Tailorlux has now taken the use of tracer materials to a new level in terms of process reliability, cost efficiency and customer service. The interdisciplinary team in our fluorescent laboratory in Münster is proud to protect both high-value products and trade goods with the right solution.

    Our Partners

      & Certificates

        Tailorlux received the German Packaging Award 2021 in the sustainability category.
        Tailorlux’s quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
        The Tailor-Safe® plagiarism protection system is certified for use in court.
        In addition to the „Münsterland Innovation Award“, Tailor-Safe® won the Industry Award.

      Experience the advantages of the invisible fingerprint yourself.

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