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Polymer Products

Counterfeits of plastic products entail numerous risks. They mean a loss of image, unjustified claims for compensation and patent infringements, ruin sales and, in the worst case, even endanger human lives when safety-relevant parts are involved. Tailorlux addresses the source of this problem by enabling parts to be marked directly in the production process. In addition to ensuring the quality of plastic products and reliably detecting counterfeiting, our marking solutions also mean progress in product traceability and insight into consumer information.


So that you can also check your product for its original condition in the event of damage 

Tailorlux makes a marker an inseparable part of your product, providing full body protection. 

Our markers like plastics of all kinds; in addition to the perfect material matrix, extrusion is the perfect process for homogeneous insertion of the optical fingerprint. Plastic products can thus claim so-called “full body protection”, as the marker becomes an inseparable part of the product. This is a particularly important aspect in the event of damage: if your product is completely destroyed by fire, we can still prove in the ashes whether it really was your product. Melt-blown, injection moulding and calendering are common processes for our marker. From simple polymers to technical high-performance plastics with complex additives to biopolymers – everything can be marked without affecting the product properties.


So that you know whether the injection moulding part came from your company

…we supply you with the appropriate masterbatch. 

A well-known automotive supplier had to protect a safety-sensitive injection moulded part in a way that could be used in court. Ideally, the optical fingerprint should remain readable even in the event of fire damage.

Product protection for high security cables

For a high-security cable, it was necessary to create a product protection that could subsequently clarify whether the correct cable had been installed in the event of damage. Tailorlux provides the customer with a security filament that automatically incorporates the optical fingerprint when producing the cable strands.

Tailorlux is your partner

Whether thermoplastics or thermosets, elastomers or bioplastics, we have a wide range of experience in the field of polymer marking with the optical fingerprint.

Tailorlux sets new standards in digital supply chains and manages to get everywhere with its marking.
So that safety and traceability determine each fiber in a sustainable and transparent way.

At Tailorlux, we offer you a contemporary traceability solution that documents every step from raw material to finished product at the point of sale. Tailorlux technology thus offers you a:

Indestructible marking

Our marking is introduced at the beginning during ginning and is now inseparably bonded to the fibers. And it is completely non-toxic and chemically inert.

Perfected traceability

Our sensor technology is used to read the individual and tamper-proof marking.

Real-time monitoring

Each measurement/verification goes directly to the cloud.

Deep insight into your supply chain

Data is collected and processed by an AI.

Full transparency

Each fiber knows its origin, so that the genuineness of the products can be ensured and guaranteed.

Experience the advantages of the invisible fingerprint yourself.

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