integriTEX: A physical tracer for textile traceability

integriTEX offers a range of tracer fibres and masterbatches enriched with customized inorganic pigments to be part of the of the textile life cycle from the very beginning. When you are looking for the pyhsical proof to be implemented in your textile traceability system, integriTEX is your solution. integriTEX is a system launched in 2011 with a first implementation in viscose staple fibres and PET-Filament Yarn. The tracers are added at a ppm-level to implement a spectral fingerprint that can be detected by handheld and inline-spectrometers without any change of the product properties.

integriTEX is a machine-readable physical tracer. This means you can check the material at each stage of the supply chain within milliseconds to keep up with the speed of production cycles.

Material authentication in the field is also the precondition for digitizing traceability. No need to send samples to a laboratory or wait for results, goods can be checked at each transaction.

The materials we use for the textile industry are toxicologically safe and some materials have already been qualified for organic cotton or cradle-to-cradle standards
integriTEX is implemented by known feedstock of the industry. The manufacturer receives a tracer dispersion, a masterbatch or simply enriched staple fibre to ensure an easy process integration without any extra training or process steps.

Using masterbatches and fibres as carrier of the tracer makes this solution easily scalable and versatile in industrial processes.

integriTEX is your backend for any traceability solution that pursues full transparency and physical proof over paperwork. Sensors in the field are the key for any digital tracer solution that want to ensure material integrity instead of trusting labels or certifications. With integriTEX any digital twin can be verified in the field.

With Tailorlux and the IntegriTEX® solution, the Good Cashmere Standard has found a reliable technology partner for its sustainable cashmere. At audited cashmere producers, the marking fiber is inserted into the certified raw material and becomes an integral part of the fiber. Thus, Tailorlux’s traceability solution accompanies the cashmere fibers from origin to the finished sweater.
Customer: The Good Cashmere Standard®

integriTEX is the benchmark when it comes to physical proof in textile traceability. Textile integrity starts with traceable fibres to identify each material at every step of the supply chain.

The leading supplier of optical fingerprints for your traceability solution.

Machine Readable

integriTEX allows any participant of the supply chain to check material integrity with a handheld device within seconds. No laboratory, no waiting time, no black-box-results. Verification in the field is the core competence of Tailorlux.


Real material integrity is based on the idea to have an inseparable physical proof incorporated in the structure of the material. The optical fingerprint is a non-migrating pigment within the polymer structure of a tracer fibre or masterbatch to become the product DNA.

Safe Implementation

No invisible proof can be implemented on industrial scale without production monitoring. integriTEX allows scans during production to assure the detectability of all production batches.

Connecting Physical Proof & Digital Traceability

Create your digital twin for each marked product. integriTEX connects material integrity to actionable data for any traceability system on the market.


No matter what material you are processing. integriTEX has a proven track in Cotton, Wool, PES, PA and PP fibres and filaments. The inorganic tracer can be adeed via masterbatches, dispersions, slurries for wet spinning or tracer fibres for natural fibre traceability.

Third Party Proof

Your optical fingerprint can be checked from a third party (Eurofins) to confirm the integrity of your material. Ask us also about forensic proof of fingerprints by using pyrolysis.

Experience the advantages of the invisible fingerprint yourself.

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