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Paints, Lacquers
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Paints, lacquers or other coatings on product surfaces become smarter with Tailor-Safe. Even the smallest amounts in the parts-per-million range are sufficient to protect your product or allow conclusions to be drawn about coating thicknesses. No matter what function your coating application needs to fulfil, we will implement a product protection function for you.

Product safety

To ensure that your service is also rewarded…

…we create your individual safety varnish.

The problem with screw locking or UV-reactive varnishes is that anyone can buy them. For example, a machine builder for large industrial plants had suspected for some time that his machines were being repeatedly tampered with by the user, despite the use of screw locking varnish on adjusting screws. The UV lamp did not provide any information about the use of the company’s own or a purchased screw protection. It was only through the use of Tailor-Safe pigments that the service employee was able to determine directly on site that machine settings had been changed, which had directly triggered the in-service support.


So that your vintage car has no unexpected surprises…

Tailorlux integrates an invisible marking that clearly identifies the original condition even in the shine of a new paint job.

In Germany, the classic car is protected by § 2 No. 22 of the Vehicle Registration Ordinance. According to this, they are cars or motorbikes that were first put on the market at least 30 years ago and are “in a good state of preservation”.

But the real treasures are usually much older and come from a time when paintwork was created from formulas that are no longer available on the market today. Carriage paint, asphalt black or nitro gloss can still be procured, however, and with Gundula Tutt, probably Germany’s best-known restorer, the old “patinas” are also applied to freshly replaced sheet metal parts. But this is precisely where the problem lies. For example, the newly applied colours hide the sheet metal of the latest production underneath. Tailorlux therefore integrated an invisible marking that makes new parts on the oldie recognisable even if the state of preservation has been helped up with new sheet metal and old paint.

Tailorlux sets new standards in digital supply chains and manages to get everywhere with its marking.
So that safety and traceability determine each fiber in a sustainable and transparent way.

At Tailorlux, we offer you a contemporary traceability solution that documents every step from raw material to finished product at the point of sale. Tailorlux technology thus offers you a:

Indestructible marking

Our marking is introduced at the beginning during ginning and is now inseparably bonded to the fibers. And it is completely non-toxic and chemically inert.

Perfected traceability

Our sensor technology is used to read the individual and tamper-proof marking.

Real-time monitoring

Each measurement/verification goes directly to the cloud.

Deep insight into your supply chain

Data is collected and processed by an AI.

Full transparency

Each fiber knows its origin, so that the genuineness of the products can be ensured and guaranteed.

Experience the advantages of the invisible fingerprint yourself.

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