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Fibers & filaments

With its solution, Tailorlux addresses industry-specific needs and thus manages to offer traceability, product and license protection in the area of fibers and textiles from a single source. In doing so, we respond to you and your individual production.

Digitize Fibres

Connect the physical proof to your traceability system

Inorganic tracers can make your fibre product a digital asset. We integrate tracer fibres enriched with your individual marker into viscose, polyamide, or PET.

Tailorlux delivers a wide range of masterbatches or dispersions to give your man-made-fibre an optical fingerprint. This fingerprint can be verified by third parties, with your own handheld device or even inline during spinning operations.

Traceability is a key-feature for the future proof textile supply chain. integriTEX sets a standard in textile integrity by incorporating a robust and inseparable tracer to a product. No label, no spray no tag; the tracer of Tailorlux becomes a part of your product, an upgrade that makes your yarn or fabric a machine-readable asset.

integriTEX tracers are delivered in the form of a masterbatch or as an enriched man-made or man-made-cellulosic fibre.

integriTEX©, a robust and inseparable tracer solution.

Tailorlux is your one-stop-shop for a physical tracer solution. integriTEX is an enabler for all traceability concepts in the textile world. No matter if you need a tailored masterbatch solution or exact dosing of tracer fibres into your manufacturing process, Tailorlux is your partner in providing the right solution.


The inorganic material withstands all known processes of the textile industry.


No laboratory needed. Check your fingerprint in the product within milliseconds and connect the result to your track & trace system.


Your material, your fingerprint. The tracer becomes an inseparable part of your tectile product that brings textile integrity to a new level.

11TeamSports relies on license security from Tailorlux

11TeamSports also relies on the secure solution from Tailorlux and thus relies on the product and license security of its DFB jerseys in the area of name & numbering. For this purpose, an additive has been integrated into the thermal transfer printing of all jerseys printed under the genuine license. This individual fingerprint ensures in a simple and process-neutral way that the authenticity of the imprints can always be guaranteed at a later date.

Tailorlux sets new standards in digital supply chains and manages to get everywhere with its marking.
So that safety and traceability determine each fiber in a sustainable and transparent way.

At Tailorlux, we offer you a contemporary traceability solution that documents every step from raw material to finished product at the point of sale. Tailorlux technology thus offers you a:

Indestructible marking

Our marking is introduced at the beginning during ginning and is now inseparably bonded to the fibers. And it is completely non-toxic and chemically inert.

Perfected traceability

Our sensor technology is used to read the individual and tamper-proof marking.

Real-time monitoring

Each measurement/verification goes directly to the cloud.

Deep insight into your supply chain

Data is collected and processed by an AI.

Full transparency

Each fiber knows its origin, so that the genuineness of the products can be ensured and guaranteed.

Experience the advantages of the invisible fingerprint yourself.

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