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In many industries, counterfeit protection, digitalisation and traceability are important issues. Tailor-Safe® is the name of the solution that can serve all these aspects and is so stable that it is already used in production processes where no other marking can work. Whether in injection moulding, paint or textiles, Tailor-Safe® can be neutrally integrated beyond any product life cycle and can also be detected after fire damage.

Invisible product protection? Tailor-Safe!

Tailorlux creates a new and unique anti-counterfeiting solution based on many years of scientific research. Our speciality is the intelligent solution with light. For this purpose, inorganic markers are integrated into the product. This invisible, counterfeit-proof, machine-readable and court-applicable product protection has a name: Tailor-Safe®.

TailorSafe combines the advantages of previous solutions for product protection and puts them on a new security level:

Your advantages with TailorSafe®

The security marking is concealed in the material, packaging or label

Approximately 70 source materials result in millions of combinations for an individual fingerprint

Sensors enable instant readout at any point in the supply chain

Our solution is toxicologically harmless

The marking does not affect the marked material

The optical fingerprint is heat resistant up to 1,700°C

Tailor-Safe® is tamper-proof and court-applicable

Marking process
Your road to secure marking and detection

Analysis of products and processes

Challenge us with your marking task! You want to recognise your products even when common marking methods fail their service or cannot withstand the product life cycle? We can advise you on robust and process-stable marking, regardless of the material. Often the benefits of a machine-readable spectral code are as hidden as the marking itself. Let us create initial samples with your products so that you can discuss and present the further benefits of marking internally. Send us your material sample and arrange an first meeting with our experts.

Selecting the correct marker

We tailor the perfect signature for your product, using literally a wide spectrum of materials. Is the generic Tailor-Safe® marker enough or would you prefer a customised marking that is only assigned to you personally? In this case, we will create your unique synthesis and lock its use exclusively according to your needs. Perhaps you would also like it EXTRA safe? Ask for our multispectral codes and thus leave no doubt about the product authenticity even in case of a legal dispute.

A measurement in the field is not your goal at all? No problem, the forensic component is your choice for cost-efficient product protection when it counts.

Initial sampling and specifications

Special requirements resulting from your process or production method are our benchmark for the right marking. In addition to particle sizes or carrier materials, it is also a question of the most process-neutral and efficient method of applying the marking.

Your personal offer

In order to help you choose the right marking and create a synthesis to the best of our ability, we first need to understand your product's application and requirements. Only when we match the marking with your product we can make precise statements about the costs.

Application phase

From anodising to zinc, our interdisciplinary team knows a wealth of industrial production lines and a lot of possible carriers for applying the marking. The focus is on a process-neutral and homogeneous application. Once we have identified the best application method for your marking, we work together to determine the optimum dosage so that only as much marking as necessary is applied to the series.

Product qualification

Even with the upgrade of a hidden marking, your product should continue to perform as your quality demands. Test the marked and unmarked products extensively, carry out quality tests and create a certificate of conformity - our marking will only show up when it is supposed to, which is at the sensor.

Quality management

No tagging without 100% control in the process. Once the marked product has been qualified, the next step is to work out the details of series production. In which medium will the marking be integrated and how will it be implemented in your process? How do you want to monitor production? Inline at 100% or randomly in the field? A joint manual completes the cooperation and documents all the steps for series production.

Would you like a little more? Digital extras

The successful marking of your products is nothing less than a complete digitisation of your products. Don't let this potential remain unused. Combine product authenticity with other security features, such as Data Matrix or QR codes using the Tailor-Safe app. Combine data from inline sensors in an IoT concept or create reference samples for our database to detect offcuts and blends.

The invisible solution for all materials

Tailor-Safe® is a flexible and invisible product protection solution and can be integrated into a wide variety of products and processes. This is what makes our invisible fingerprint so individually applicable for the most varied materials.


The highly stable markings in the form of luminescent materials can be used on any material and thus meet the individual requirements of any industry.

The industry-specific solution: IntegriTEX®

IntegriTEX® brings maximum security to every fibre. This industry-specific solution from Tailorlux stands for a concealed marking system specifically for the authentication of textile products. The inorganic marker is inserted into different types of fibres to mark the textile manufacturing process at the source.

The invisible marker for plants and seeds: IntegriSEED®

IntegriSEED stands as an industry-specific solution for authentication, traceability and quantification of seeds. This special protection concept is based on invisible marking of the seed dressing with inorganic luminescent pigments (luminescent particles, luminophores) and their detection by means of optical key-lock sensors.

Experience the advantages of the invisible fingerprint yourself.

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