Marking technology for your product protection

Counterfeiting does not stop at any industry and leads to far-reaching damage worldwide. In addition to high financial losses, plagiarism also results in damage to the company’s image and is dangerous for end consumers. This makes it all the more important to have innovative marking technology that allows original products to be identified quickly and easily.

Kennzeichnungstechnik von Tailorlux

With their invisible product labeling, Tailorlux has found a way to protect products from counterfeiting in a simple and legally secure way. Our labeling technology ranges from direct product labeling and counterfeit-proof packaging to the detection of original textiles or products or a secure combination of traceability and counterfeit protection. Trust Tailorlux industrial marking technology and achieve traceability of your products and components at every point of the production chain – directly in the field. Legally compliant and unique.

Marking technology in the form of an invisible fingerprint

When it comes to invisible product marking, Tailorlux is the technology leader in a wide range of industries. Anorganic pigments form the basis of the innovative marking technology. These become an inseparable part of the product – without influencing it. The result is an individual and machine-readable identification feature that resembles an invisible fingerprint. Tailor-Safe, as our marking technology is called, becomes your individual and flexible product protection solution that can be integrated into a wide variety of products. Whether as printing ink, glue, fiber, coating or injection molding, the marking adapts to your product and your processes. With its high temperature resistance of up to 1,700°C, our product marking is also ideally suited as an industrial marking technique.

Marking technology from Tailorlux – from marking to detection

The marking technology starts with the tailor-made signature of your product and ends with detection directly in the field. The special thing about this is that Tailorlux product marking can be used in court and can be forensically proven in the laboratory. This is of particular importance for applications with a large volume, such as in fibers or polymers. In order to be able to detect even the smallest amounts of a product marking that allow conclusions to be drawn about whether it is original or counterfeit, we work together with the laboratory service provider Eurofins. So with our marking technology, you will get product insurance that protects you from unjustified recourse. And the best part? No additional production steps are involved. This is because the marker has been specially developed for direct use within the production process. To ensure process-safe integration of the marker in your product, our engineers will accompany you on the way to greater product safety thanks to individual and invisible fingerprints.

Complete solution with our Marking technology

With the marking technology, you get a complete solution. Not only the integration of the markers directly in the process, but also the fast authentication is part of Tailor-Safe. With a homogeneous mixture of marking and product, quantitative measurements can be derived in the production process. Robust handheld devices equipped with monolithic sensors are available for this purpose. Thanks to their high resolution, they enable measurements directly in the field – at every step of the production chain. The Tailorlux sensors have an innovative algorithm and sophisticated optics so that the signals are always reliably detected. With this high-end sensor technology, product marking becomes a calculable factor for our customers. Especially for industrial marking technology, it is of utmost relevance to be able to detect quickly and reliably. With high-resolution spectroscopy, these requirements are reliably met. In this way, production processes can be monitored and quality control is possible at any time – even in high-speed processes. Inline measurements help to detect offcuts or mixing. Our marking technology thus becomes your plagiarism protection and product protection for quality promises in equal measure.

We will be happy to advise you on the Tailor-Scan handheld solution or the TSI inline sensor – take the step to reliable detection of your product marking with us.

Experience the advantages of the invisible fingerprint yourself.

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