Chemical marking for your products

Product protection is often implemented by visible labels and QR codes. Although these can be quickly and easily applied to a product, the security is low and copying the products is therefore not a challenge. At first look, it is not possible to identify the counterfeit from the original. The solution here lies in the invisible labeling of products using chemical markers. This means that the marking is no longer visible to the naked eye and special sensors are needed to detect this chemical marking. A safe solution if you want to secure your products and ensure their quality.

Tailorlux chemical marking

Tailorlux is all about anorganic pigments used for industrial labeling, sustainable product marking and plagiarism protection. The chemical label becomes an optical fingerprint based on customized light. Around 70 raw materials result in millions of possible combinations gives your product an individual fingerprint. In this process, the security marking is concealed in the material, label or packaging.

Chemical, but without influence on the product

Despite the fact that it is a chemical marking, it is toxicologically harmless and does not affect the products to be protected. Especially the robustness combined with the temperature resistance are excellent. Ultimately, the optical fingerprint is heat-resistant up to 1,700°C, which also makes it suitable for industrial processes. Because the chemical marking is permanent, it can still be read even if the product is burned or badly damaged. This makes proof of your product or counterfeiting possible at any time.

Chemical marking and their benefits

A special feature of robust chemical marking is that it can be adapted to any process and product – whether as fiber, glue, printing ink, injection molding or coating. But our know-how about chemical marking does not end there. In addition, high-end spectroscopy in handheld format enables uncomplicated readout at any point in the supply chain. This allows detection directly in the field or on the production line. These so-called Inline-measurements make it possible to detect offcuts or mixing before the product reaches the customer and possible damage occurs. This gives you a complete solution that combines plagiarism protection and product security for quality promises.

We would be happy to advise you on our chemical marking in the form of an optical fingerprint. No matter what industry you come from – challenge us with your production process. Together we will find your customized product protection.

Experience the advantages of the invisible fingerprint yourself.

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