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Increase transparency in your supply chains and protect your products from piracy and fraud with our innovative marking solution.

Concealed chemical marking allows you to identify materials quickly and reliably, whether in the field or in the production process. Improve the traceability of your products while protecting your brand and revenue with our material identification solution. Secure your products with our invisible marking and sensing technology and provide comprehensive product protection. As a solution provider for material integrity and detection, we offer a total concept that gives your product an individual fingerprint. We achieve this by integrating our innovative marking solution, which is cost-effective and can be integrated even in small quantities. With our personal signature, we represent an upgrade of your product without making major changes, thus offering maximum security and product protection.

At Tailorlux, we tailor light for industrial marking solutions. Our spectral signatures are based on robust and safe inorganic materials that can be easily integrated into any industrial process. We want to give our customers the ability to identify their material at any time at the touch of a button, whether in the production process or in the field.

This is Tailorlux

Tailorlux has been bringing products into the right light since 2009. We develop concealed and individual marking concepts for you, from high-security to cost-efficient recycling solutions.

We ensure maximum counterfeit protection, because it is impossible to recreate the marking solution and its evaluation. The combination of marking and detection from a single source makes us unique when it comes to your individual product protection. And that also in court. Because our Tailorlux solutions are characterised by authentication that can be used in court.

  • Security
    We measure material emissions with a special software application. Thereby we use a special key-lock principle for your safety.
  • Material
    Our speciality is the intelligent solution with light. For this purpose, inorganic luminescent pigments are integrated into the product. This marking is invisible, counterfeit-proof and can be used in court.
  • Detection
    We have all sensors, from handheld to high performance inline spectrometers for your solution.

With Tailorlux you give your products a signature – individual, invisible and machine-readable.

With the optical fingerprint, we create a solution for your product protection that is cost-effective, stable and individual. We find the right marking solution for your application:

Each of our markings is individually adapted by us to your product and your application.

Through the marking and our sensor solutions, every product becomes digital because machine-readable.

Tailorlux ensures the availability of the product data through direct integration into the material from the manufacturer to the end customer.

Your product, our solution.

Our marking solutions are as diverse as the industries and their products.

That’s why we don’t have a single area of application, but rather a wide range of options with which we can deal with you, your products and the requirements of your industry.

  • Substrates

    All materials that allow the marking to enter the product as process-neutrally as possible can be used as carrier materials. Whether polymer or ink, lacquer or adhesive, metal or any kind of liquid – every product can have its individual optical fingerprint. And permanently! Because our invisible marking solutions survive every product life cycle.

    When it comes to your product protection as an overall concept for material integrity and detection, Tailorlux is your solution provider. Precisely fitting, as process-neutral as possible and without any impact on your product.


Products in these markets are already using TailorSafe® technology:

  • Sustainability and transparency are inseparable for The Good Cashmere Standard by AbTF®. With the marking of our certified sustainable cashmere fibres by Tailorlux, we bring both factors together and ensure the traceability of the raw material from the farm to the end product.

  • Tailorlux – An excellent young company with the best specialty phosphors and optical markers for security applications.

  • IntegriTEX is an incredible solution to proof the origin of cotton.

  • A pleasant as well as professional cooperation.

  • The combination of IntegriTEX solution and Rowasol dispersion is an unbeatable combination for absolutely homogeneous distribution at lowest addition in PET fibres and pellets.

  • The team is always on top of things, even in the case of long-term and complex projects.

  • Tailorlux combines the first-class expertise of a fluorescent expert with in-house sensor technology.

    Experience the advantages of the invisible fingerprint yourself.

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