Chemical marking from Tailorlux provides robust plagiarism protection for businesses

Protection against plagiarism is of great importance to companies, as they are increasingly falling victim to counterfeit products that can cause considerable damage. To quickly prove the authenticity of your products at any time without incurring high additional costs, Tailorlux’s chemical marking solution is the perfect solution. This solution is simple, safe and robust, and helps you ensure plagiarism protection for your business.

1.) Robust: Our robust inorganic tracers are heat stable and can withstand temperatures up to 1,700°C (3,000° F). You can use them in almost any industrial process, making them an indispensable part of your product. Even if your product is damaged or burned, the marking will still be recognizable.

2) Machine Readable: The optical fingerprint can be captured using our handheld and inline spectrometers. These specially designed devices are capable of detecting even the smallest tracer emissions in the parts per million range. The high sensitivity allows for cost-effective dispensing that has no impact on your product or material specifications. The Tailor Scan is the digital interface to your Track & Trace system and ensures proof of physical integrity.

3) Unique: Tailorlux offers customized light for your individual optical fingerprint. We create exclusive markings for your material that can be used as evidence in court under German law. Our chemical marking combines different excitation triggers in one sensor that is suitable for a wide range of materials and can be analyzed using a proprietary algorithm.

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