Tailorlux GmbH presented innovative cotton traceability solution at the 37th International Cotton Conference in Bremen

Tailorlux, one of the leading providers of traceability solutions for the textile industry, presented its innovative approach to the traceability of cotton in a poster exhibition.

Under the theme “Embrace Traceability, Weave a Brighter Future for Cotton”, Tailorlux’s poster emphasized the crucial role of traceability in promoting transparency and sustainability within the fashion supply chain. Tailorlux aimed to empower stakeholders to make informed purchasing decisions and build trust in the industry by providing valuable insight into the origin of cotton and providing consumers with transparent and verifiable information.

The Tailorlux physical traceability solution enables companies to stay one step ahead when it comes to meeting legal requirements such as the EU Sustainable Textile Strategy, the US Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, the EU Deforestation Regulation, Supply Chain Due Diligence and the Digital Product Passport. By implementing our marking, companies demonstrate their commitment to compliance and responsible sourcing practices, which strengthens the trust and integrity of their brands.

From March 20-22, over 350 attendees and 75 speakers from all sectors of the cotton supply chain attended the conference. This gathering served as a forum for the presentation of science-based insights as well as practical updates on the key topics of cotton production, quality, textile processing, innovative cotton products and the entire textile value chain.

“We were honored to have the opportunity to present our ground-breaking cotton traceability solution at the 37th International Cotton Conference Bremen. As sustainability becomes increasingly important in the textile industry, traceability is a powerful tool to drive positive change and build a more transparent and responsible supply chain,” says Tobias Herzog, Managing Director of Tailorlux GmbH.

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