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Packaging is designed to protect the contents and must also be clearly identifiable in order to be returned to the material cycle. Rowa and Tailorlux have developed a solution together: a new PET compound with a special marker that can be clearly identified using a hyperspectral camera. This technology not only improves the quality of the recycled material, but also contributes to closing material cycles.

Picture from the ROWA booth at Fakuma.

Bernhard Scheffold, Managing Director of Rowa, emphasizes, “In our technology center, we have produced an almost transparent flat film from the new PET compound, which can be clearly assigned.” Rowa has been working with markers for some time, but has previously used visual spectra for evaluation. Tobias Herzog, Managing Director of Tailorlux, adds, “With the hyperspectral camera, we are working in the NIR range, which allows us to have further options.” Both are confident that this innovation is of great interest to the recycling industry, as it can help increase the overall material quality and thus close material cycles.

The new technology from Rowa and Tailorlux makes it possible to correctly distinguish and identify packaging. The special marker in the PET compound enables a hyperspectral camera to be used to clearly recognize the material. This not only improves the quality of the recyclate, but also helps to close material cycles and save resources. It is a major breakthrough for the recycling industry and demonstrates that innovative technologies can enable a more sustainable use of resources.

The possibilities for the application of the new PET compound with a special marker and the hyperspectral camera are diverse. In addition to the clear identification of packaging and better quality of the recyclate, other materials such as textiles and plastics can also be marked. The technology from Rowa and Tailorlux can also be used in the food and pharmaceutical industries to ensure clear product identification and traceability. This increases safety for consumers and transparency in the supply chain. The new technology from Rowa and Tailorlux thus shows that innovative approaches in the field of product protection and material integrity can contribute to a more sustainable and safer future.

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