Tailorlux and Demcon MIM combine knowledge to produce labeled MIM parts

Tailorlux provides authentication and traceability solutions with covert markings that are inseparably linked to the product. Through its interdisciplinary expertise in light emitting materials and detection, Tailorlux contributes to making transparency, authenticity and traceability a reality in value chains of various industries. 

Since its foundation, in 2009, Tailorlux has successfully implemented their solution in over 1200 product lines. The products are marked with a customisable invisible optics fingerprint which allows for the detection, verification and traceability of the product. The marker or tracer is based on fluorescent ceramic particles that are thermally and physically stable and therefore suitable for nearly every application up to 1700°C.

In a collaborative effort, the Dutch company Demcon MIM has mixed their proprietary feedstock formulation with a small concentration of Tailorlux’ fluorescent micro particles. This feedstock could be moulded, debinded, and sintered using conventional methods. When scanned with the scanner, the fully metal part emitted the unique signal of the used fluorescent micro particles.

Embedding the fluorescent particles in the feedstock has distinct advantages over other methods of labeling, as it is a one-step process and does not require the application of a coating or paint to be applied later on. Also, as the fluorescent particles are present throughout the entire product, they will remain detectable regardless of wear of the product.

Demcon MIM and Tailorlux see applications for their development in the field of luxury goods, where counterfeiting is a threat, as well as customers that desire the highest standards in traceability and quality control.

Following this link will give a demonstration of the technique.

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