Tailorlux chemical marking provides traceability of leather

This Product marking provides detailed leather traceability information due to the robust and inseparable chemical marking that is built into the leather. This durable marking enables the prevention of counterfeiting.This level of leather traceability provides companies with a reliable source of information that has distinct advantages over other commercial marking methods.

The amount of information obtained through traceability based on chemical marking provides companies and retailers in various textile industries with more certainty about the origin of their products and offers a reliable way to authenticate goods. This in turn minimizes counterfeit products by verifying authenticity. In addition, Tailorlux has the special ability to read and authenticate the mark in seconds. This combines our inseparable marking with leather traceability, enabling new ways to increase supply chain transparency.

The chemical marking has a unique molecular paraphrase that makes it impossible to copy. In this way, forensic evidence of the product’s authenticity is provided.

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