Tailorlux integrates optical fingerprint into Demcon injection molded metal products

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a technology that, in addition to its industrial application, is also used for the production of luxury goods such as watch cases, decorative logos and exclusive handbags. For many such applications, the value of technologies for counterfeit prevention, quality control or identification for recycling purposes is very high.

A new manufacturing process for marking metal products has been introduced in collaboration between Tailorlux and Demcon. The process embeds Tailorlux’s chemical marking into the MIM raw material. This enables an efficient, one-step process and ensures that the fingerprint remains detectable regardless of wear on the MIM product.

The integration of invisible marking into the material has clear advantages over other marking methods. The pigments have a high temperature resistance of up to 1,700°C, which allows them to be used in almost any industrial process. With its robust nature, the marking adapts to any process. The optical fingerprint is also present throughout the product and remains detectable even in the event of natural or intentional product wear. In addition, the MIM process contributes to the copy-proofing of Tailorlux marked products, as the unique MIM designs are difficult to imitate and reproduce.

Read now the article about the collaboration between Tailorlux and Demcon in the new March edition of PIM International Magazine.

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