Tailorlux joins forces with Tejidos Royo to develop a traceable, and low carbon emission European cotton denim fabric with short transport distances.

Tejidos Royo and Tailorlux are developing a system to proof a denim fabric made with Spanish cotton fibre with the lowest carbon impact.

By mid-September, a Spanish cotton producer, in cooperation with Spain ́s Organizacion Intrerprofesional del Algodon and Centro Algodonero Nacional will add Tailorlux tracer fibers to freshly harvested, high quality cotton bales. The fiber will allow to mark and tokenize the virgin fibres. Together with their innovative foam dying patented technology, Tejidos Royo will use this cotton to produce the lowest impact European cotton denim fabric. 

By using marking and tokenization of fibres, Tailorlux allows yarn and fabric producers, together with brands to verify the traceability and originality of the fabric all along the supply chain. Tailorlux’ IntegriTEX™ proprietary technology, combined with blockchain tokenization and A.I. can detect the dilution of original materials, from thread to fabric to garment. 

Tailorlux ́ General Manager Mr Tobias Herzog commented “we are really impressed by Tejidos Royo push towards sustainability and we ́re more than happy to work together in this project as both companies are on the same page towards a better, sustainable textile word”.

Tejidos Royo is a Spanish company founded in 1903 and leader of the world textile industry. Its recognized international vocation and wide commercial network, allow it to be leaders in the export of unique fabrics made in Spain.

Tailorlux which is represented in Spain by Augusto Bellini, s.l., is a German company founded in 2009 and provides authentication and traceability solutions with covert markings that are inseparably linked to the product. Through its interdisciplinary expertise in light emitting materials and detection, Tailorlux contributes to making transparency, authenticity, and traceability a reality in value chains of various industries. For textile applications Tailorlux provides a polymer or viscose marker fiber that can be traced throughout the supply chain.

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