Weserland and Tailorlux conclude successful trial for carpet sorting

The two companies used the Weserland carpet backside coating technology to implement Tailorlux optical fingerprint for standard sorting technology. By marking carpets with a coating of marked Ethylene-Vinylacetate (EVA) polymer dispersion Supron® U 2368 from the company Weserland, Tailorlux has reached another milestone. For the first time, Tailorlux has succeeded in marking carpets with their hidden markings and detecting them via a sorting system.

Weserland is a specialist in the production and development of aqueous dispersions and compounds for latex vulcanization and carpet backside coatings. Both companies connected during their participation in the ReNewTex Network and decided to make a trial with the optical fingerprint and Weserland coating. The chemical marking solution was dissolved in this coating and can be detected by a hyperspectral camera with a range of 500-1000 nm and 970-1700 nm.  

This NIR manipulation on carpets can be used by sorting hubs using standard NIR to detect specific material blends which have been assigned to the NIR manipulation.

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